Our Pro People

Common Vision, Single Passion

At The Tool Shed we share a common vision for our tool store to be a cool store. Not cool in regards to trends and gimmicks but in personalized customer service, in-stock inventory, and professional grade tools for professional grade customers. In fact, we want to be the premier pro tool store in our city, in our state and on the planet.

Our passion is to be THE tool experts. We want to provide the right products at the right prices using the right people. It’s why we intentionally invest in our facility, new products/services and most importantly, our employees. We have talented, experienced people who provide expert advice on technical issues and tool usage. We also have employees available for our Spanish speaking customers. Our employees receive continual training on our entire line of pro tools so they can assist our customers in making the right tool choices. If they don’t know the answer to your tool question they will know where to find it.

Nils Lindbloom


Nils is the founder and president of The Tool Shed. He attended Valparaiso University in Indiana where he graduated in 1975. Upon graduation he began selling tools and has continued to invest his time and energy into building the best tool business on the planet.  His greatest asset is his comprehensive and thorough knowledge of professional tools which he has acquired through his many years in the tool industry. This is especially important to customers who are looking for specific tools for specific jobs.

Nils has served on the STAFDA Board of Directors for 3 years. He has also served on several advisory councils for major tool manufacturers.  He knows tool history, tool speak and tool applications. He is a tool savant. If you have any question about any tool(s) Nils is the one to see. However, even though he’s been selling tools since graduating college Nils is hardly an expert at using them.

“My customers are pros and they don’t need me to show them how to use tools, but they do depend on me to recommend the right tools that will help them be the best at what they do.”

Perry Barnard


Perry is part owner and manager of The Tool Shed. He started with the company at age 18 and has been with the company since 1985. He has an extensive knowledge of tools and has a thorough understanding of the business. He has attended numerous training classes and workshops over his nearly thirty years in the tool business. His experience has not been limited to the business gaining some of his best product knowledge while working “hands-on” with numerous remodeling projects, including restoration work on properties in post-Katrina, New Orleans where he lived for three years.

Perry also brings a tech-savvy expertise to the store and manages all IT functions. His professionalism and leadership style have created a strong team of talented people that keep The Tool Shed running smoothly and efficiently. He enjoys working with people and has become a trusted friend and part of the family here at The Tool Shed.


Toni Lindbloom

Office Manager

Toni has been right beside Nils serving as office manager and comptroller for 32 years. (Working next to your husband for that long and not killing him has been a success in itself!) It’s been said that behind every great man there’s a woman rolling her eyes. Toni is that woman at The Tool Shed where she’s been the bookkeeper, comptroller, birthday cake baker, receptionist and office manager for 35+ years.

Yes, it’s tough to work with your husband but she controls the books and Nils has no idea where the bank accounts are, so that really helps with job security.

Toni knows the business, knows the customers (and how many children they have) but she doesn’t know about tools, so don’t ask her if we have a router. She’s likely to check our computer connection.

Don F.


Don is our resident automotive tool expert at The Tool Shed. He has made a living by working in auto repair for 8 years and as a machinist for 7 years. This experience makes him invaluable in helping our customers with mechanical repair issues. In addition to his hands-on experience, Don has completed over 130 Sphere1 training courses on a wide variety of tools and accessories, including power tool specialist training. When he is not working at The Tool Shed he enjoys working on his own vehicles.

Merchandising is another expertise that Don brings to The Tool Shed. He has over 10 years of experience with various “big box” stores doing resets and merchandising. His experience has given him a talent for organization and an eye for layout. Thanks to Don, The Tool Shed consistently receives compliments about our well-ordered and attractive showroom.

Howard M.


Howard joined The Tool Shed team of experts in 2009 after selling his electrical distributor business in Iowa. He has over 40 years of experience in the wholesale electrical business which has provided him with an extensive knowledge of electrical and industrial tools. Howard’s expertise and understanding of how electricity works, especially as applied to power tools and equipment, makes him an indispensable resource for our customers.

Howard has been an avid woodworker for over 35 years and is currently a member of the local Greenville Woodworkers Guild. His woodworking background provides our customers a knowledgeable source for selecting the right tools, as well as, getting tips and techniques for using those tools from a tool expert.

We tease him about his motive for moving here and how much it had to do with weather. Whatever his reason, we are glad that he now resides in sunny South Carolina. He always greets you with a smile when you walk in the door and his electrical background combined with his love of tools has many of our woodworking customers asking for him by name.