Nils Lindbloom

Nils is the founder and president of The Tool Shed. He attended Valparaiso University in Indiana where he graduated in 1975. Upon graduation he began selling tools and has continued to invest his time and energy into building the best tool business on the planet.  His greatest asset is his comprehensive and thorough knowledge of professional tools which he has acquired through his many years in the tool industry. This is especially important to customers who are looking for specific tools for specific jobs.

Nils has served on the STAFDA Board of Directors for 3 years. He has also served on several advisory councils for major tool manufacturers.  He knows tool history, tool speak and tool applications. He is a tool savant. If you have any question about any tool(s) Nils is the one to see. However, even though he’s been selling tools since graduating college Nils is hardly an expert at using them.

“My customers are pros and they don’t need me to show them how to use tools, but they do depend on me to recommend the right tools that will help them be the best at what they do.”